Thursday, March 17, 2011

i hate college

bosan lah kolej nie,kenapa saya dapat kolej nie..kenapa?!! itulah namanya takdir yang menentukan..terlalu banyak yang perlu ditempuhi dan ini yang mendewasakan kita..for now im accept what is happening around me.kerajaan dah hantar saya kesini so terpaksa lah pegi jugak,rugi je kalau tak pergi nanti sebab everythng is paid..keluar nanti no more dept.thats is in my mind.heheh.

this programme (physiotherapy) is quite tough,is it?? for me its really tough :D but umm im study with whole of my heart! cheewah..i have too,no other choice,this is for you mom..for god sake.haaa~ at school im studying in accountancy but now im studying in medical field,its soooo hard for me you know..urghhh headache comes..

i wanna talk about my supie dupie damm college,you'll think what i hate much rite? it is money,all money,everythng money money..government has given them the money for us to do our activities,but! dc(damm college)  is still ask for our money to do things that they plan for us.its crazy biatch..

the activities is really important for us as under government student,we have to fullfil our cocurriculum if not we have too even we finish our lovely dc has prepare nothing for us,then we dependable in ourselves to do some activities and of course not in college,only kids do it okeh..we do the proposal,and get verify from our doctor then we go by our self,its really independent ouhh and transport by dc has help nothing to manage it hrmm money? dont ask lah..

and one more thing,my dc has no one graduate before..its opening 2years ago,not active,booooring,not enough lecturer.then we had to do the proposal for sports to get approval form the head of my of them is futsal,we request it because the court is nearby,its easy..but! they don't want it,what sports they want is squash,they said that futsal is very common..yes we have squash court at our condo but who want to provide the racket,its expensive really not satisfied with them..berapi betool lah..heishh!!

i dont want talk more about dc..buat orang sakit hati ajee..lebih baik kita talk about other thing,its more worth than dc..

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