Monday, March 21, 2011

monsta cafe

the most comel cafe i ever seen!! macam mana yea nk describe cafe nie..kita bagi tengok gambar lah dlu..hoorah!


 youk kita study menu nya..

im so adore their lamp! auww~
ribbon ribbon ribbon*

sambil menunggu makanan..ini di tingkat bawah yea..

apa dia order nie,chicken or mushroom (im not sure)
 tomato sauce..i think..hee lupa lah

biasa la bread toast with vanilla..

tiba tiba nk order minuman orang tua haha..espresso americano..

i like the flower..siap ada air lagi,macam hidup je bunga tu ;D

our next table..they got so many table okeyh..

lantai suratkhabar tu..siap ada chapter lagi,kalau bosan2 nti boleh la baca..

my tea time meal chicken mushroom bruchetta..alahai comelnya,rasa macam tak sanggup nk makan ^^

now we move on to their second floor..yeeehaq~

step by step,click! take a picture..hehe

welcome to the second floor yea..! my sis always in the picture..and where am i..tsk tsk..

play play n play -doh =D

 its raining..
 boleh tak buat macam nie dekat rumah
 (i mean the wall)

hide and seek..come onn! err u will find me without seek -.-'

i wanna this lamp,urgh! too short..  


happy hour..siap ada belon lagi tau..rajin betoii lah cafe nie..

dinner for two ?

lets get out from here!! i see the grass..urmm mia,this is second floor..okeh my bad..

before we get out,one shot..nice!

too feel the air..ikot citarasa..pilih2 nak yang mana n dimana 8)

that it is monsta..actually there were peeps up to the 3rd floor..eee malu nya..

okeh lets enter back because we didnt find the actual way out..haha

 have a party bebeh..

also can have a discussion here but u must be really focus on that..u know what i mean rite.

 there you are the actual way out..

at the down floor before we enter the cafe..

hahaha..monsta,sound scary but! its really2 cute inside..

so this cafe is near to ali cafe actually here the address 157,jalan bestari 1/5,taman nusa bestari 81300 skudai..have a good time peeps!!